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Leonor Greyl Blog Post

Leonor Greyl 'Think Evolution For Your Hair ' Blog Post

Ah, the beginning of a new year…the time for resolutions. And, it is these resolutions that we usually break by the end of the month.  Instead of making a list of resolutions, we should focus more on evolution. And, why not start from the top? The true top, the apex, the crowning glory.

One definition of  (n.)

A gradual process in which something changes into a different or better form.

For beautiful and glamorous locks, incorporate these 6 steps into your beauty routine:

1. Do your research. Choose products with superior formulas and benefits. Did you know that many hair care product manufacturers take short cuts with their formulas?  Inferior ingredients and harsh additives are used to achieve basic results. This is never the case with Leonor Greyl hair care. We have dedicated decades to global sourcing of superior botanicals and natural ingredients from sustainable sources around the world, combined with meticulous product testing. The result is beauty award-winning formulas that are gluten, silicone and paraben free as well as color safe, created with all-natural plant extracts, vitamin and other proprietary ingredients, to you give your hair more brilliance, and beauty.

2. Select a shampoo based on the condition of your scalp, not the length and ends of your hair. Also, contrary to popular belief, shampoos that generate a lot of lather are not “better”, they often strip hair of its natural oils. Also, it’s not necessary to apply shampoo to the length and ends of your hair. Start by washing your scalp, then as you rinse it, the product will run down the rest of your hair, therefore gently cleansing it.

3. Brush before you shampoo. Brushing your (dry) hair, before shampooing frees hair of knots. Untangling knots when hair is wet, causes more damage. Our Natural Boar Bristle Brush was created to gently detangle while preventing breakage. This helps with circulation, oxygenation and helps eliminate product buildup. Use it daily, on any hair type. After applying conditioner, comb through hair to ends with a high-quality Detangling Comb that gently detangles hair without snagging or damage.

4. Use a pre-treatment. Yes, a pre-treatment. Huile de Leonor Greyl, our iconic and beauty-award winner is formulated with superior botanical oils that deeply moisturize and provide intense, long-lasting hydration. It detangles, nourishes and softens hair, prepping it for shampoo. It only takes 10 minutes and can be used at the beach, the gym or while you are watching your favorite Netflix series. For deeper treatment, leave in overnight and shampoo out in the morning.

5. Try a hair masque. Many aid in revitalizing the driest, most damaged hair, giving it the treatment it needs and deserves. Just apply and flip through your social media feeds for 20 minutes. Masque Quintessence, another of our award-winning products, is a cult favorite. Deeply repairing, this masque is formulated with natural ingredients, oils and extracts that will nourish and deeply moisturize and add shine.

6. Treat before heat. Never use heat-styling tools without protecting your length and ends with a leave-in serum or hydrating treatment. This small step, that takes seconds, will make a big difference. Eclat Naturel, our multi beauty award-winning styling cream, softens hair, making it more manageable when styling. UVA/UVB filters deliver added protection against environmental stressors and the heat from these styling tools.

By taking a few extra steps and a little more time with your hair care regimen, you will see the evolution of your hair – and so will others. Make it happen, with Leonor Greyl.


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