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Leonor Greyl Blog Post

Leonor Greyl 'Winterproof Your Hair' Blog Post

Your hair deals with incredible stresses, daily. It is exposed to the elements – sun, wind, rain, heat. It is wrapped in bands, pushed under hats, clipped up, subjected to heat tools and more.

“We need to pay attention to our crowning glory,” says Caroline Greyl, President, Leonor Greyl. “Instead of piling it on top of our heads as we read a book or binge watch our favorite show, this is a time to apply targeted treatments, such as leave-in conditioners, pre-treatments or scalp treatments, no matter the season,” she adds.

After an exceptionally warm summer and mild fall, a wicked winter may be just around the corner. Your hair has undoubtedly been affected by the extreme elements and could possibly be dehydrated right now. Before the chilly winds and snowy skies make their appearance, it’s time to winterize your hair.

Rethink your regimen. If you are using a shampoo for normal hair, change to one formulated for dry/damaged hair, for a few months. Instead of heat tools and hairsprays, try a leave-in conditioner and let your mane air dry. Hair will feel softer and appear more textured.

Condition. Condition. Condition. “We tend to give our hair the basic treatment. We shampoo, but not every day and, if time allows, we condition our hair,” states Greyl. “Neglected hair becomes dry, dehydrated and lifeless. Product builds up on the follicle, weighing it down. It is definitely not ready for the harsh conditions of winter”.

“Our beauty award-winning conditioning masques are deeply reparative and powered by essential oils and extracts; the foundation of the Leonor Greyl brand. Deliciously indulgent, they deliver crucial nourishment and moisture to hair, and are formulated to treat extreme damage, whether hair is thick, thin, frizzy or just stressed from neglect or the environment”, she adds.

Masque Quintessence This deeply repairing cult favorite revitalizes and regenerates even the driest, most damaged hair, giving it the treatment it needs for the upcoming season.

Hair will look and feel softer, shinier, healthy-looking and will be easier to style.

Masque Fleurs de Jasmin This delicately scented jasmine-conditioning masque offers an instant beauty boost to even the driest, thin or limp hair. The rich, yet lightweight formula of amino acids, proteins and plant oils revive and enhance hair. Nourishes and detangles as it restores shine, softness and manageability to hair without weighing it down.

Masque a L’Orchidee Formulated with key botanicals and proteins to smooth and form a protective barrier increase hair flexibility in thick, coarse or frizzy hair. Nourishes, detangles and softens, improving manageability, strength and delivers unparalleled shine.

“Be disciplined before, during and after the winter months to keep your hair protected and in peak condition. Choose products, like ours, that are available in travel size to care for your hair whether at the gym or on vacation. A little extra TLC, especially during the winter months, will go a long way,” states Greyl.


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